Shaking Off Sorcery

Comic 48 - 033

16th Aug 2014, 12:00 AM in Chapter 1
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bejjinks 16th Aug 2014, 3:07 AM edit delete reply
Ahhhhh. So he's not good at magic because he's a genius at technology and he's frustrated because his society frowns on technology. Am I right?
Anabel 16th Aug 2014, 1:12 PM edit delete reply
Yup, perfectly right!
TurtlezSoup 16th Aug 2014, 4:46 PM edit delete reply
That would literally amuse me for hours if I had one of those.

Sometimes, the simplest if things, are the best sort of things,
Orlah Ehontas 18th Aug 2014, 2:11 AM edit delete reply
@TurtlezSoup - absolutely! Just ask a kitten with a laser pointer... or even an ostrich feather
rufiangel 18th Aug 2014, 1:09 PM edit delete reply
Trrr trrr trrr... that is is adorable! XD;

Oh, Ty. You adorable little geek. C'mere.
Ross 18th Aug 2014, 10:34 PM edit delete reply
Where is da background today?
Anabel 19th Aug 2014, 9:44 AM edit delete reply
Here. *points the background* :3 No worries, if you visit us using your mobile phone/3DS, the background usually doesn't work. No idea why
Guest 22nd Aug 2014, 5:53 PM edit delete reply
Poor thing, nobody understands him... :P :P :P