Shaking Off Sorcery


Let's start with the boring part: my name's Aleksandra, though in the wide seas of Internet I'm known as Anabel. I'm interested in myths, legends and... well, drawing! I always draw when the reality becomes too grey. I also use to find magic everywhere in our "non-magical" world; especially, in my own basement around 3 AM.
One day, I came to Red and said "let's make a comic", and she consented naively. And that's how it all began...
Red I'm Ewa, nice to meet you! I also go by the nickname Red. I'm a graphic failure artist, willing to become a famous billionaire illustrator one day. I may seem serious at times, but don't get yourself deceived. My goal at life is to make as many people as possible smile. I love comics and cartoons. When it comes to magic and fantasy I'm kind of sceptic which makes me a bit similiar to Tygon.