Shaking Off Sorcery


by Anabel

To the very end

Dear readers!
This time we have sad news for you. Unfortunately, our (as in: the authors') paths went different ways and are not likely to get back together. That's what happens sometimes; unforunately, it also means that we are done working on this comic. Don't worry - we are still going to update until the end of chapter 2.
Thanks for all the support! We can't even count all the times when you would make us smile like idiots with your comments and theories. ;)
Chapter 2 will go on for a longer while, but we decided to let you know in advance.
That's... all, I guess? Take care.♥
Edit: And so, we finish our story here... thank you for being with us for so long. <3 
by RedTheMarten



Our lovely readers!

No, don't worry, it's nothing serious. The comic will still have regular updates. I would just like to officialy inform everyone, that we (the authors) are currently overwhelmed with life affairs, so we won't be able to fulfill any additional requests, update the Gallery and Cast pages, add new subpages, etc. If there's anything we promised to do in the future, we surely will, when we both get the time (probably sometime in the summer). ^_^

This announcement mostly answers the comments under the Polish version of the comic, but if anyone else out there is concerned if Delaney and other characters will arrive in the Cast section - fear not and be patient!
Thanks for understanding, everyone c:

by RedTheMarten



Hey! We'd like to ask everyone who sends us fanarts on gmail to please also share with us a link to your page/blog/gallery/deviantART, so we can post it in the gallery together with your beautiful work. :) And if you don't have anything like that, or just don't feel like sharing it - please tell us in advance, that would help a lot!

If you are by any chance still waiting for an answer to your mail - we recommend checking your spam folder. We always reply, but it might have been lost somewhere on the way...

by RedTheMarten

Tygon's notes coming up!


Alongside with a general refreshment of the site layout, we also officialy open Tygon's Twitter! ;)
We'd like to gladly invite you to follow it. It's just going to be a bunch of anecdotes from the SoS world - they're not going to be connected with the comic's plot in any way, they're just here to make your waiting time between comic updates more pleasant.

We hope you'll like it. See you next time!

by Anabel

Free raffle - ENDED



Woah, when exactly did we get those 300 likes on FB? Thank you so much for your support, dear Readers! :) So it's time for the promised raffle.  

Please click here:  [LINK] to check all details and take part!


Good luck!

EDIT: Raffle ended! Thank you all ^^